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Single Arch

A single arch.

Many clients would just like one arch covering and that is fine with us! We can supply you with what you need to get you smiling. A single arch, just like all our veneers are suitable to wear all day, every day. Please just remove them to sleep.

Made specifically to your dimensions by using a dental impression kit to accurately record your oral structures. Once purchased you will be sent the kit within 24 hours to which you will complete and then send back to our Laboratory where trained smile artists will design your new veneer.

The kit is simple to use, we have instructions and training videos to use so do not worry.

Once the veneers are crafted usually within 10-14 working days, we will ship the product direct to you where you can enjoy your new smile.

You will receive :-

  1. one single arch veneer for either the lower or upper.
  2. chewies to help with the insertion of the veneer.
  3. retriver to help you take out the veneer.
  4. a hard case to keep the veneer safe in when not in use.

All our veneers have a 28 day warranty as standard, plus, a 2 year replacement plan.

We will keep you updated every step of veneer creation journey!

If we receive your kit and you are not your suitable for our veneers, we will refund you in full. If you wish to check your suitability with us before ordering please email us at info@withasmileveneers.com

Please note you will need to cover the postage cost for the impression kit returning. Any post sent from us, to you, impression kits and veneers, are all covered by us.


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